The Strategy Lifecycle

How many strategies do you need to succeed at trading? There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of strategies you could readily find with a simple Google search. If you were to take these, along with the hundreds of indicators that exist, market inflections, economic reports, seasonal events…on and on, the combinations of possible strategies is […]

Stages of a Trader’s Development

Adhere to fundamentals, Innovate, Transcend. -The Master Trader If you are going to take this course on, then you need to be straight with yourself, and realize which stage of development your are in. And without knowing you, it’s hard to make a judgement…obviously. However, in my experience, I have rarely met a trader, even […]

Technical Analysis 101

Technical Analysis (TA) is the art and science of predicting future direction, timing, and magnitude of a market’s movement, by looking at the price changes of that market. TA is unlike Fundamental Analysis, which focuses on things like financial statements, a company’s management, their competitive advantage, supply and demand factors, and the overall economic environment. […]