The PatternCast Playbook Setup

As a trader your job is to find trade setups with edge. This could entail a great deal of work, let me restate that; it will always entail a great deal of work, some setups more than others. PatternCast eliminates most of that work for you by presenting to you each day, assets in play.

What does it mean to have an asset in play (whether it’s a stock, futures contract, forex or even Bitcoin)? It means there’s a significant edge in considering an asset in play to enter a trade in the current trading session. It means there’s a very high likelihood that the asset will move towards the stated target or beyond, and it means after 4 days (specific to PC signals) we have no statistical information, so we have no edge after that and we recommend exiting if you haven’t already hit your target.

That is all PatternCast does, but that’s enough. Our stats show that over hundreds of such signals that if you simply entered the trade at the recommended entry and exited it on the close of the 4th day, you would experience excellent returns on your capital with a very high win rate.

If you chose to manage the trade, perhaps get a better price, use options to get defined risk, select optimized places to exit the trade, you could do significantly better than our stats based entry, target or 4 day exit.

PatternCast signals are presented as what-if scenarios. When a signal is delivered, and it’s a buy, you will notice that price is usually well above the entry price, and to some it may seem almost absurd that we would suggest such a huge move just to initiate an entry. But that’s what the historical stats say with the pattern PC has found.

We choose signals that must retrace and the  amount is considered amount a wide range of possible criteria. The signal we choose to send traders is typically a statistical mean that often sits in the middle of a wide range of historically profitable choices. So we deliver potential edge in the signals.

It is completely up to the trader then to complete the rest of the story, because without proper sizing and management of the trade, you could still lose money, but with basic rules the signals have shown to produce excellent results. Again even the basic rules require you to execute with discipline. So, if you can push buttons when you are supposed to push them, regardless of the price, then you should over time do very well with the signals.

Here’s the thing, you can put virtually no brain power into executing these trades and make great money, but you could do so much better with simple trade management and clever position sizing.

This course, the Trader Master Course will show you how. Join now for a fantastic price and get access to our live trade room where I will be providing weekly market reviews.

This equity curve shows what you would have made from Sep 2019 to Nov 2019, taking the PatternCast signals, and using just one contract or standard sized forex position fro each trade. Your exits would be placed at the stated target or at the close after 4 days.

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